DCP Theatre has modified its 2021 season in response to the COVID-19 crisis.  Our goal is to be conservative in our scheduling to avoid last minute cancellations and postponements due to state and federal guidelines and potential restrictions.   We anticipate starting our season on July 22, 2021, but have designed an Outlet schedule for smaller audience numbers (so that we can observe social distancing) beginning March 5, 2021 and a possible opening (or Outlet, depending upon the situation) on June 10, 2021.  

2021 Season

THE SUNSHINE BOYS (Comedy by Neil Simon) Mainstage 

Possible season opener: June 10, 11 (8pm) 12 (2pm and 8pm), 13 (2pm), 17, 18 (8pm), 19 (2pm)

or an Outlet: June 18, 19 (8pm) and 20 (2pm)


Al and Willie (known as the vaudevillian comedy team of “Lewis and Clark”) performed together for over 4 decades.  Now they aren’t even speaking to each other.  When a major television network proposes a ‘History of Comedy’ retrospective, Al and Willie are convinced to come together one last time to perform their act.  THE SUNSHINE BOYS is Neil Simon at his best and heaven knows we need to LAUGH!  

THE SAVANNAH SIPPING SOCIETY (Comedy by Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope, and Jamie Wooten) Mainstage

July 22, 23 (8pm), 24 (2pm & 8pm), 25 (2pm), 29, 30 (8pm), 31 (2pm)


Brought to you by the authors of “The Dixie Swim Club,” this hilarious comedy brings together four women who meet during Happy Hour.  You will laugh (and perhaps get a little misty-eyed) with Randa, Marlafaye, Dot, and Jinx (the life coach who is determined to help her new friends conquer their trials and tribulations).  Over the course of the play, these women commiserate, support each other, and learn to laugh again – despite life’s challenges.


PINOCCHIO (Comedy by William Glennon) Family 

August 20 (8pm), 21 (1pm and 4pm), 22 (1pm and 4pm), 27 (8pm), 28 (1pm & 4pm)


This is a Pinocchio you’ve never seen before.  All the traditional characters are included but the adventures are non-stop and laugh-out-loud.  The whole family will enjoy this energetic version of the classic fairy tale.


WRONG WINDOW! (Mystery/Farce by Billy VanZandt and Jane Milmore) Mainstage

September 23, 24 (8pm), 25 (2pm and 8pm), 26 (2pm), 30 (8pm), October 1 (8pm), 2 (2pm)


A farcical tribute to Alfred Hitchcock, WRONG WINDOW! mixes the Hitchcock thriller, “Rear Window,” with a couple going through their marital ups and downs.  When they appear to see their across-the-courtyard neighbor kill his wife, they begin their sleuthing.  True to the tradition of the farce, there are chases, slamming doors, and bumbling protagonists.  The staging is unique in that the apartment of our married couple also includes a view into the neighbor’s apartment.


 (Mystery by Ken Ludwig based upon the novel by Agatha Christie)

October 28, 29 (8pm), 30 (2pm & 8pm), 31 (2pm), November 4, 5 (8pm), 6 (2pm)


This classic mystery takes place on the luxurious Orient Express as it is stopped in its tracks by a snowstorm.  The next morning, a rich American businessman is found dead, stabbed 12 times.  This timeless tale of murder has all the Christie elements of elegance, mystery, murder, and Hercule Poirot.  Join us as we enter the world of the glamorous Orient Express and the incomparable detective, Poirot.  

A CHRISTMAS CAROL: (Classic by John Jakes based on the novel by Charles Dickens) Mainstage

December 2, 3 (8pm), 4 (2pm & 8pm), 5 (2pm), 9, 10 (8pm), 11 (2pm & 8pm), 12 (2pm)


A beautifully done adaptation of the original Dickens work. You will be taken on the Christmas Carol journey by Charles Dickens himself, as he narrates this classic tale of holiday spirit and redemption.


March 5, 6 (8pm), 7 (2pm) – An Outlet performance to be announced.  Will be capped at 90 tickets (50% of theatre capacity) per show.

April 16, 17 (8pm), 18 (2pm) – An Outlet performance to be announced.  Will be capped at 90 tickets (50% of theatre capacity) per show.


May 21, 22 (8pm), 23 (2pm) – An Outlet performance to be announced.  Will be capped at 90 tickets (50% of theatre capacity) per show.


July 10, September 11, November 13 – Traditional Outlet scheduled. Subject TBD.

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