COVID-19 Updates
Updated April 28th, 2021

To our loyal DCP supporters:  At DCP's most recent board meeting, the board voted (reluctantly and with much angst) to postpone the entire main stage and family 2021 theatre season until 2022.  This decision was made after months and months of research into how we could open safely, considering audience and actor social distancing, our ability to cover the costs of a mainstage production and, hopefully, make a profit. The process of opening and the plethora of confusing, and much of the time contradictory guidance, has made it difficult to assess the feasibility of reopening.   At times we struggle to get answers to our procedural questions and, as numbers of COVID cases rise in our county, the board just felt the financial risk was too high, not to mention trying to stage a production when social distancing is required. Quite frankly, we felt as though we were trying to push a 500 pound rock uphill.  Rather than proceed on a month-by-month basis, we felt it was better for all involved to have a decision.  All season ticket holders will be contacted in the near future by our Box Office staff with information on your tickets.  


While we are sad and disappointed that circumstances are conspiring to keep us from the hobby we love, we are thankful for all the support we have received from our members, volunteers, and patrons.  On May 8th and 9th we are hosting a Fun Faire with food, entertainment, and vendors.  Stop by to connect with us and have some fun.  We're hoping to open on May 21st with a small cast readers' theatre production of a delightful comedy entitled, "Slow Food."  Please see our website for all the details.  Due to social distancing, reservations are suggested.  We hope to add more small productions throughout the year so please check our website for all the details.


Thank you again for all of your support.


Deb Takes


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