Alice in Wonderland

Adapted by Madge Miller
Based on the story by Lewis Carroll

While letting her imagination wander, Alice encounters the White Rabbit, who is nervous about keeping his tarts safe for the Queen’s royal croquet match. When the precious tarts are stolen, Alice goes in search for them to save the White Rabbit from losing his head! When she enters the world of Wonderland, she meets many peculiar characters. Throughout her adventure, each one plays an integral part in helping her find her way and solve the mystery of the stolen tarts. 

Alice - Cassidy Butler

Margaret - Lizzy Bywaters

White Rabbit - Emma Fliszar

Cheshire Cat - Helen Spigel

Duchess - Julia Witwer

Knave of Hearts - Ephrem Acker 

King of Hearts - Dan Wentzel

Queen of Hearts - Jill Wentzel

Mad Hatter - Derek Peterson

March Hare - Erik Reyes

Doormouse - Katie Scheider

Gryphon - John Bell

Mock Turtle - Chuck Kane


Playing September 13 - September 22

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Friday  at 8:00 PM

Saturday at 1:00 PM and 4:00 PM

Sunday at 1:00 PM and 4:00 PM

Show Run Time Information:


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Director - Kelly Butler

Producer - Jane Spigel

Asst Directors - David Williams and Noah Balilies

Stage Manager - Brandon Pascucci

Asst Stage Manager - Carly Nuneviller 

Costumes - Madi Jeronis

Props - Paula Bywaters

Set Design - Bill and Colleen Algeo

Lights and Sound - Bill Thompson


Playing Cards:

Maddie Bingley

Connor Dare

Ivan Dean

Anya Hradnansky

Nivia Lima

Gaia Page 

Claire Spigel

Dylan Taylor

Sydney Thompson

Mason Weigner