Bedtime Stories will never be the same! It's Dad's night to read a bedtime story to his three energetic children. But Dad really doesn't know the details of some of the most popular fairy tales. So, he "wings it" and the results are both confusing and hilarious. Kids will be delighted by these fractured fairy tales.



Director - John Bell

Producer - Jane Spigel

Asst Director - Kelly Butler

Directing Mentor - Michelle Reider

Stage Manager - Sydney Thompson

Board Op - Lizzy Bywaters

Lighting and Sound Design - Bill Thompson

Costume Design - Abby Witwer

Playing July 18, 19, & 25

Saturdays and Sundays at

1:00 PM and 4:00 PM

Show Run Time Information:

(To be determined)


(To be determined)



DAD - Ray Greenley 

WALLY - Brennan Sibel

ASHLEY - Isabella Valleley 

KATIE - Lana Gribbin


PRIME MINISTER - Ephrem Acker 

QUEEN - Liz Aber 

PRINCE - Christian Sibel


PRINCESS 2/SHEEP - Lallie Lima

MINDY - Cassidy Butler


BOPEEP - Maddie Bingley

SHEEP - Claire Spigel, Nivia Lima & Lallie Lima

HORACE - Sean Collins 

MAYOR - Katie Robinson

MOM - Kaitlyn Short

FATHER - Riley Mann

CAPTAIN - Helen Spigel

MILITIA - Dylan Short, Josh Reyes, Nick Roque


PRINCE 2 - Connor Dare

POOR OLD WOMAN - Adelyn Clemmer 

DAUGHTER - Anya Hradnansky


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