DCP Theatre's 2021Outlet Season

DCP Theatre hosts a number of unique performances throughout the year. 

This is the outlet for new, fun, dynamic, creative, hosted events by DCP.

Have you ever been jet-lagged and starving? 
All you want is a glass of wine and dinner. 
All you get is a needy waiter who wants to be a part of your life.  There you have it. 
"Slow Food" serves up three courses of comedy!

June 18, 19 at 8pm June 20 at 2pm

The Sunshine Boys comedy by Neil Simon (Readers Theatre)


Al and Willie (known as the vaudevillian comedy team of “Lewis and Clark”) performed together for over 4 decades.  Now they aren’t even speaking to each other.  When a major television network proposes a ‘History of Comedy’ retrospective, Al and Willie are convinced to come together one last time to perform their act.  "The Sunshine Boys" is Neil Simon at his best and heaven knows we need to LAUGH!

July 10th

7:30 pm

Story Book

The Adventures of Baron Munchausen: An evening of tall tales getting taller.


Join us as the world's foremost storytellers (just ask them) are gathered together and competing to tell the most spellbinding tales ever told (just ask them). Despite what you might think, or what the laws of physics might seem to dictate, all of these stories are perfectly true (just ask them).

Your input will help our intrepid yarn-spinners determine which tales to tell and whose stories were good enough to continue on to the next round. Eventually, a winner will be crowned, but the real winner will be you! 

How is that possible? (Don't ask them.)

September 10 at 8pm, Sept 11 at 2pm and 8pm

The Lady With All The Answers comedy by David Rambo drawn from the life and letters of Ann Landers with the cooperation of Margo Howard

(Readers Theatre)


For decades we all turned to the daily column of America’s problem solver, Ann Landers.  Listen to her reminisce about the letters she received throughout the years – from comedic to poignant.  Get ready for her biggest announcement ever – the column that breaks the news of her own heartbreak.  This nostalgic piece will bring back memories of Dear Ann Landers.

Nov 12 - 14 

Music Theatre International "Altogether Now!"
Global Event Celebrating Local Theatre 

More details to come.